The Open House Project aims to create an opportunity for people of all ages to come together and live in a self-supportive co-housing community.

Barns Hall Farm aerial 1

Started in 2011, the project purchased theĀ buildings at Barnes Hall Farm in Sheffield. The plan is to develop the buildings as we go along, completing the units we already have members for and then developing the units yet to be assigned. The 1st unit – The Byre, was completed in late 2015 along with the majority of the communal growing areas such as the poly-tunnel, growing beds and orchard. Work is nearing completion on the next unit – The Long Barn, the 1st of the family units. We plan to start the development of 2 further family units later in 2018.

This website has been established to provide information to anyone interested in the project and to document the collective process of the project as it develops, through its failures and successes.

As the name suggests, the Open-house Project, aims to be open in its working and to people that are interested in taking part.