Composting Toilet Construction

First things First! As we have just taken ownership of the site, we needed to make the place habitable for people working and using the site. So, on Tuesday we built a composting toilet and screen to provide temporary conveniences!

A composting toilet seemed like an obvious choice, without foul drainage available and not wanting to use chemicals or portaloo. With a large open area available to us the product from the toilet can be used for fertilizer and for growing plants in the future!


Before construction we selected and bought the key elements to make the composting toilet: A toilet seat with urine separation tray, urine pipe and urine storage tank, bucket for solid matter and saw dust!

We could not fix elements to the existing building, so everything needed to be free standing. The toilet is situated within the end bay of the cart shed which was formally used for repairing farm vehicles. There was a handy pit in the space to allow access to the underneath of vehicles. This lower space is a perfect place to store the urine tank and enable a gravity fed system from the toilet itself.




A timber screen provides privacy, made from OSB board and timber stud work.




Having got all the materials together, we had some clearing and cleaning to do before putting the screen together and creating the bench for the toilet.




we managed to achieve the build within a day and even found time to do a bit of testing!!!





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