Open Day

Saturday November 9th Open Day

We were all excited and had spent the previous day preparing for the Open Day. Most importantly we cleaned out the end room of the Cartshed to house our exhibition.


Saturday dawned sunny and bright if a bit on the cold side. Sheena found strategic sites as far away as the main road to place our signs; the model, the plans and the History poster where proudly on display in the cartshed; there was hazard tape in place to warn people of the perilous drop from the top of the steps. We were ready!

We were delighted by the number of visitors, especially when shortly after midday the weather turned into a severe hailstorm followed by torrential downpours. We hope we were able to set at rest the minds of some of the locals who had visions of a radical cult/commune setting up on their doorstep. We found out that some of our nearest neighbours are serious vegetable growers, others particularly interested in the local history.

Several of Leo’s colleagues were able to see for themselves what he had been dedicating so much of his spare time to and were suitably impressed. Katherine’s old Uni friends turned up in time to take charge of the bonfire and the fireworks in the pouring rain. This was a first experience of a real bonfire night with SPARKLERS and fireworks for the children. They loved it.

It was a heartwarming experience despite the weather. Everyone who came was interested, appreciative and encouraging. We hope they all got a cup of tea at least, some may even have sampled the most delicious chocolate cake brought by one of visitors!

Sunday was a better day, good enough for four generations to meet up in the caravan when Mollie came over to greet her latest great-grandaughter – 4 week old Sylvie who had travelled up from London for the occasion. A photo call if ever there was one!




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