Polly on Putting up the Polytunnel

The weekend of work started early on Friday 14th February with Greg and Leo working like dogs through until Saturday to put in the 16 foundation tubes. Each one required a hole to be dug about 60cm deep in ground that the previous owner described as not a field! This means you could find almost anything while digging. Having attempted one hole myself and being exhausted half way through I can honestly say it was miraculous how much they managed to achieve. This meant that by Sunday we were there in numbers to see the erection of the frame completed. Pretty pregnant Kate worked wonders with the power drill getting the 8 hoops ready. With Sandie and myself ready to carry, hand out screws etc. Sheila in role as project manager had the manual sussed and we made great progress. By the end of the day, with one broken step ladder (Joe) we had the frame finished and ready for whatever weather Sheffield had to throw at it. We had 5 kids from 0-6 years, two sets of visitors and support from the Sheffield Architectural student body. It was teamwork at its best and a credit to the co in co-housing. ImageImageImageImageImage



One thought on “Polly on Putting up the Polytunnel

  1. putting up poly tunnels, no thats a trip down memory lane!!! I love the ‘up yours’ to health and safety step ladders, shouldn’t jackets in garish colours be worn and helmets too, as you are over 1cm off the ground…… look forward to reading more adventures in co-housing, really pleased that your vision is coming to life.
    Can offer the following for the garden, strawberry plants from runners, 3 varieties approx 40 plants. hope to visit in the spring and will bring them

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