Sheffield Co-housing Network Meeting

Last week we took part in the [3rd] Sheffield Co-housing Network meeting at The University of Sheffield School of Architecture. It was a really positive experience, meeting some of the other co-housing groups and like-minded people in our region. There were a number of groups represented including people from Thundercliffe Grange, who have given us some valuable advice on our project!

The Sheffield Co-housing Network is relatively new and started last year. We have been concentrating so hard on moving our project forward that we haven’t had time to engage with other people who are doing the same thing. However, hearing the other groups’ stories and the trials and tribulations of their projects was really heartening. It made us feel proud of what we have managed to achieve so far and in a relatively short time-frame [although 3 years!] as well.

The Network meeting showed the wider interest in Co-housing amongst students as well as baby-boomers! We look forward to sharing our experiences at the next meeting and welcoming members of the network at the Farm in the future!



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