Project Management

I have committed to be the lead the Project Manager for our Phase 1 development; so I am now amidst emotions of excitement, anticipation, eagerness, all with a touch of anxiety as I start to scope this role and associated responsibility.

The challenge is perhaps self-imposed by my wish to do my best for the group. While drawing on upon my related experience and competencies, I will also be researching current resources and consulting experts. Phase 1 will include installing/ replacing utilities, improving access and the development of the Byre.

The group has decided to do ‘self-build’ and our Project Management group of Sheila, my assistant and Leo, our architect/ designer will be central to sharing the workload to maintain collaboration and momentum. This ‘self-build’ will extend:

* to direct practical tasks where we have sufficient skills and time,

* communication with Planning and Building Inspector Departments,

* coordination with English Heritage,

* sub-contractor selection and management,

* compliance with HSE CDM Regulation,

* site preparation incl. new utility connections,

* procurement of materials,

* direct site management,

* budget control,

* and so much more.

Our mechanism of delivery for control (time/money/quality) has yet to be agreed.

We are mindful that enjoying the journey from now to completion of Phase 1 is essential; celebrating as we progress will keep us focussed on our co-housing ethos. As an intentional community our happiness arises from many components and shelter is just one of these that nourishes us as individuals and as a group. Regular check that we are keeping the work associated with this development phase in proportion will be important during our journey. We can celebrate progress with blogs onto this website.



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