Polytunnel – the final push.

The decision went right down to the wire. We had the resources – 5 strong adults (well, 4 and me) and one exceptionally strong 3 year old, but did we have the conditions? The sky was blue but all polytunnel advice begins ’choose a calm day’! We had monitored the wind levels all week and we knew it was marginal. As well a breeze, strong gusts were likely. We were dealing with a polythene sheet for a tunnel 42ft by 18ft. Should we go for it?

In the end we did. There was a moment, as we were trying to haul the cover over the hoops and a gust caught it, when I thought the whole lot was going to sail off over the valley, but hanging on for all we were worth we managed to get a few securing battens in and by midday we could breathe easily. In fact we all gathered inside, enjoying the temperature difference. We thoroughly appreciated our achievement and the protection it afforded as the sky darkened and an almighty hailstorm began pelting the cover.

Lunch was a polytunnel picnic in our t-shirts.

By the end of the day the doors were on, the side ventilation screen rolled neatly up and down and the tunnel’s first resident had moved in – Sheena’s lemon tree.

It was a magnificent effort by all concerned and a very satisfying and useful result. Time to sow some seeds…



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