Easter Working Weekend

Over the Easter weekend we had such a busy and productive time at the site. The weather was generally very kind but with the warmth of the polytunnel it was less important than previously. Sheena and Katherine’s Easter cakes kept us going when we started to wilt.

P1000547 IMG_0106 IMG_0103

Over the weekend teams of people managed to complete many tasks. Sheena, Greg and Leo christened the new jigsaw. Polly, Joe, Kate and Annie removed a massive growth of ivy from a wall that needs to be moved. The raised beds outside the polytunnel were weeded and planting commenced. The giant raised bed inside the polytunnel was erected. Joe managed to strim the entire growing area and orchard.

IMG_0144 IMG_0125 P1000522

P1000508 DSC_0896

On top of all this productivity there were copious meetings that see us closer to submitting the building regulations and starting phase 1. With Greg, Sheila and Sheena looking to move even closer to the site in May it is all starting to look more tangible. In addition to this and mostly thanks to Katherine the children were entertained with an Easter egg hunt, painting and encouraged to help when they could. We are all looking forward to many more working weekends as the summer progresses.




2 thoughts on “Easter Working Weekend

  1. Thanks for this lovely blog. Its great to be able to read all about the project. I would be really keen to hear more about about the project and find out if there are any opportunities to get involved.

    If you have an email list my address is a.kilbride@warwick.ac.uk

    Best wishes

  2. Totally inspiring! Any project that can ensure Joe does a days work without moaning has to be … Totally inspiring!

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