Sowing and Growing

Leo, Em and Lucy planting seeds in the polytunnel

The optimism of spring has really taken hold at the farm of late. A flurry of activity has seen the landscape transformed through our agricultural and land management endeavours. A recent accident on the ice rink has left me with a fractured ankle, which has stopped me from getting involved in the more physical work on the farm! However, it has given me a bit of time to do some lighter [but nevertheless important] work; Planting seeds!

Emily counting up all the planted seeds

Over the last couple of weekends I have been hobbling round the polytunnel with the kids and others, planting seeds of all types: from Kohl Rabi to Tomatillos, Yellow Taxi Courgettes to Radishes and even some Luffa! In the space of a week the shoots can be seen, breaking through the soil. The kids have really enjoyed planting tiny seeds, writing labels for the weird and wonderful varieties and watering everything and everybody in the vicinity!

The raised bed in the polytunnel

Many of the plants will go into the huge raised bed that runs down the centre of the polytunnel. It is only a matter of time before the sights and smells will become amazing! I’m looking forward to walking through the tunnel on a hot summer’s day and picking things along the way. That is, if Emily hasn’t eaten the majority of the crop before I get there!



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