Tarmacing in the rain (May 2014)


Half term turned out to be a busy and successful week for all.

Firstly can I welcome the 14th official member of the Open house project, baby Alex who was born early on Monday morning!

Secondly as the pictures show we finally got some work done to level out the access road. Although working in the wet weather is not for everyone it certainly did not stop the ‘road gang’. In fact the settling water helped identify the areas that required more tarmac to ensure a smooth and level finish. With Sheena at the wheel of the dumper truck and Joe directing the workers we made pretty short work of filling the holes. A special word for the little ones who showed great determination and skill. They stayed motivated, stuck to the task and managed to resist the tempting warmth of the stables (to watch Frozen again!).


Although just a start we hope this will help reduce damage to the vehicles currently using the road and assist larger vehicles when the building work for phase one starts soon.

Keep watching!











One thought on “Tarmacing!

  1. Hello, this all looks great. We had been in contact with Kate through your central email address but I guess she is super busy just now. We wanted to come and visit to meet some of you when we are down in the area from 7th to 13th July if this would be possible? Please let us know.
    Louise and Sam

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