Building the sample wall panels

One of the planning conditions is that we are asked to provide on-site for the duration of the construction, a sample panel of both the cut stone and rough stone walls that we will be building and or repairing. They are expected to demonstrate the style, dimensions, colour and texture of mortar and pointing.


These have been built on a site beside the Cart Shed where they can be viewed with a back drop of the Byre, Big Barn and Cart Shed so that comparisons can easily be made and that they can remain as a reference for as long as possible. Each wall is approx. 1 metre square.


Following research into hydraulic lime mortar, we sourced a product that matched the existing mortar and the necessary tools. We accepted the offer of assistance from a local craftsman who taught us how to select the stone, mix the mortar and build both walls. In addition we learned the associated vocabulary so necessary to communicate whilst building e.g. jumpers, snot, ?, etc.


The cut stone wall was built using the same variety in size of blocks as seen around our old barns and the pointing finish was finished to enhance the best possible display of the stone.

The rough stone wall has a hidden use of mortar and the courses are varied in thickness, as found in the many walls around the farm.


So this is a good start to learning new practical and communication skills that have stood the test of time!







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