Bed ……and beds

With a lifestyle geared to life outdoors I have always fancied myself to be more of a hunter than a gatherer or farmer. Last week I spent a wet night out near the summit of Scafell in the Lake District. I just had time to prepare and sup my evening “meal” and get into my sleeping bag before the rain started.


Cuppa soup and noodles do not make the most rewarding repast for a hunter but light to carry, easy to prepare and warm in the stomach….. I lay, comfortable enough and listened to rain drumming on my bivvy sack.  I hoped it was raining in Sheffield where the ground has become very dry in the recent good weather and we have had to water our growing beds each evening. As a gardening novice I have been surprised at how quickly things have grown and become edible.

IMG_0144 IMG_0097

Inside the poly tunnel we have an abundance of salad, lettuce, green leaves and radish growing alongside peas, baby sweetcorn and even tiny aubergines. A long line of tomatoes plants are climbing up their strings and small green fruit forming on the stems. Outside broad beans are flowering and runners too. The beet and carrot look a bit weedy but early days. I had never realised that growing crops could be an adventure but pulling up our first potatoes got me really excited- and they taste so good.


I am quite good at the gathering bit now as hunters must be when they return home wet and out of supplies. A bit more watering on Scafell and I might yet grow into a farmer.



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