The ‘Window Survey’

Shortly after 8am last friday morning an intriguing piece of equipment emerged from the back of a white van parked near the polytunnel.


Earthtest were here, ready to  look, not into the buildings as the title might suggest, but into the ground!

First things first though, and even more impressive equipment was put to use!IMG_0138.

Perhaps not easy to pick out in the picture are the 2 bits of bent wire that Clive is holding. How they twitched and crossed as he walked the length of the track. Proving, as all the evidence of Greg’s digging and Geoff’s wisdom would suggest, that there are a myriad of pipes and drainage channels, ancient and modern, leaving the farm buildings and crossing, who knows where, the track and fields.

Hard to follow the warm up act, but the mini drilling rig trundled on its caterpillar tracks down to the field and began a series of drilling operations down to about 1.7m, producing core samples of the earth and hoping to reach the magic sandstone layer we needed to form a soakaway.



And here it is!





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