Bonfire Weekend

A bonfire night provided the chance for the whole group to meet up on site although a wet Saturday limited activity. Katherine had organised the main event with help from her friends, Harriet, Tom and Jonny. Great food, mulled wine, hearty fire, plenty of sparklers and a modest firework display. The courtyard provided a perfect sheltered setting and even the youngest Sylvie and Alex could take part.


In addition to Saturday evening’s party the following morning we were able to do a walk around review of the site risk assessment that Sheena had prepared. After lunch the children were parked in front of the telly so that the adults could hold a rare face to face meeting. The main discussion was about the contents of the lease we will grant to buyers of units. This was an interesting exploration of shared values and some not so shared. Naturally there was a diversity of views on some subjects, notably smoking and pets, which will need to be revisited but we were able to make great progress towards sorting our priorities before getting advice from our solicitors and a final draft of what will be a significant document for the future.



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