Let It Snow!

Hearing of the arrival of snow at the farm we Hackworthy’s dusted off our sledges and rushed up from Enfield. The snow provided excellent entertainment in the form of:

Rolly the snowman, complete with a polytunnel grown chilli nose!

2014-12-30 13.10.53

Rudolf the Red (tomato) Nose Reindeer.


Sledging down the slope next to the cart shed and trying not to end up in Greg’s ditch.


The creation of the Hackworthy family in snow.

2014-12-31 13.56.06

It was a delight to see snow across the valley, changing the already spectacular view into something really special.

2014-12-30 12.59.16

Sylvie was just about old enough to realise what was happening but didn’t seem too impressed with any of it!

2014-12-30 12.50.24

We are all very excited about returning in a few weeks to start some work moving the wall and fixing the barn doors. There is a real sense among the group that things are finally happening and the development is very near to starting.

Roll on 2015!

Polly x


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