Big Site Update

A lot has happened on the site in the last few weeks – too much to write so I’m going to show you in pictures.

Starting with the wall along the roadside being demolished to create the new parking area.





A trench for the retaining wall foundations was dug and the concrete poured in.


The area for the new fruit bed in front of the polytunnel had the turf scraped off and the foundation stones laid.


Wall building continued in sun, rain, and some sideways sleet over a period of weeks and was then filled with soil and manure by Emily and Greg in the digger with much shovelling and raking. It is now planted with blueberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and gooseberries.

IMG_0701  P1010742

P1010767 WP_20150322_10_22_24_Pro

The retaining wall for the parking area has block wall beneath ground level and will have a stone wall built on the orchard side which continues above ground to waist height.

IMG_0689 IMG_0705

Broken stone was delivered for the underneath layer of the parking and below the foundation in The Byre (unit 7). Acrow props are positioned to hold the weight of the roof  and the front pillars of The Byre have been taken out. A trench was dug the length of The Byre and under the end wall for the foundation the new wooden pillars will sit on. The original corner stone pillar was reinstated where the parking wall will meet the road.

IMG_0708 IMG_0731


On the gardening front many seeds have been sown with particular attention to getting our tomatoes started earlier. The lemons are starting to turn yellow. The peas that have been growing over winter in the polytunnel are flowering. Two varieties of potato have been planted in the new raised bed. The brambles that produce such wonderful blackberries have been cut back hard. Some mushrooms have appeared,meaning the spores have moved around the polytunnel.

WP_20150322_14_13_50_Pro WP_20150322_14_14_05_Pro

WP_20150322_10_22_42_Pro WP_20150322_14_13_13_Pro

I will endeavour to provide more frequent updates as this was well overdue looking at the dates of the working weekends included here.




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