Raise The Roof!

June 20/21st and everyone on site. This was the weekend of taking off the roof of the Byre. The scaffolding was in place with a lovely wide walkway for stacking the tiles. The pitch on the roof is very user friendly and with Greg and Leo often astride the ridge and sliding down the tiles as they loosened them to Polly and Sheena, the receivers below, the job was done in no time. Then the battens were removed and straight on the bonfire. The Byre was exposed to the elements, which were amazingly kind to us (then and since) as the roof team took on the more unenviable job of cleaning down the rafters and coating everything with preservative. What a great job they did!

DSC_0463 2015-06-20 14.48.16 2015-06-20 14.48.40 DSC_04722015-06-20 14.48.45DSC_0479DSC_0482DSC_0488DSC_0473

The professionals arrived the following week and now the roof is really taking shape – the back side of the roof has veluxes in place and most of its tiles, the front is waiting for the solar panels which will be embedded in the roof – ie surrounded by tiles. The new extension is a thing of beauty, the  rough stone wall at the back curves and soars up to an apex on the ridge and the end wall is a large window that looks out over the growing area. We have managed to find all the stone we need from the piles around the site created from our demolition and even the lintel for over the window which had to be over 5ft long.

2015-07-03 13.46.17 2015-07-03 13.46.23 2015-07-03 13.46.33 2015-07-03 13.47.13

Greg has completed the high wall round the car parking area, begun by Dean, Sheena, Joe et al. The wall looks great and I think Greg gained a lot of satisfaction from the new skill he has acquired. Lots of people have assisted at various times, perhaps Raymond and Emily deserve a mention, and Colyn on a visit from the Lakes couldn’t resist getting stuck in!

2015-07-03 13.45.522015-07-03 13.45.42

So, visible progress – very exciting!



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