Moving in to The Byre

The Byre is very nearly finished, just a few cupboard doors to go! We wanted to share with you some of the finished

The master bedroom has sliding doors to the outside  stone flagged terrace, an interior wall of larch cladding and an original high window that has a shutter on the outside.


                         DSC_0257   DSC_0245

The living room also has a wall of larch cladding, part of the orginal beam structure and sliding doors which open the full width of the room to the terrace outside.



The kitchen has white cupboards with intergral handles, oak work surface and windows that face the field to the north and the growing area to the south.

WP_20160115_15_06_47_Pro  WP_20160115_15_07_07_Pro

Photos of the study/second bedroom, bathroom and hall will follow when fully complete. What you can’t see in the pictures is the energy efficiency of the house which is due to the wool insulation in the walls, the underfloor heating system and the photovoltaic panels which transfer energy from the sun to heat the water for the house. We’re looking forward to life here!



One thought on “Moving in to The Byre

  1. Photos are great, Katie. I hope life there is wonderful. And with Spring on the way the full beauty of the views will become even more evident.
    All that and keeping warm too.

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