Odds and ends

We have been working to complete phase 1 which includes the construction of unit unit 7- “The Byre”, the growing area, and the drilling of boreholes for water supply. Jobs range from fitting wardrobes to building concrete borehole chambers a wide range of activity inside and out. The landscaping has been the major challenge. The construction and planting of the orchard and the associated walling, paths, beds and steps which surround it. All of the stonework has used material retrieved from the site. The phase 1 area now looks very much like our architects original sketches. With the sliding doors opened wide the  Byre living room expands across the terrace into the orchard where the greensward is thickening nicely and all the fruit trees are growing well. The terrace provides the space for us all to sit together and eat.

IMG_1202 IMG_2533


IMG_2382 IMG_2384

IMG_2465 IMG_2528

IMG_2435 IMG_2398


IMG_2433 IMG_2504



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