View from the scaffolding

October 20th

I was going to call this blog ‘view from the scaffold’ but that sounds a bit macabre and anyway the views are from and of the scaffold-ing that now graces the inside and outside of unit 5 creating a unique opportunity to admire the roof structure at close quarters and much of the surrounding area.

This was the only building remaining with its original stone roof and it was in need of repair so off came the stone tiles – all 50 crates and about as many tons of them. They are being replaced with reclaimed slate substantially reducing the weight of the roof on its trusses, purlins, rafters etc. (we are all learning the lingo – ‘lats?’ are they spelt ‘laths’ I wonder?)

The worst job, of spraying every one of the above with cuprinol, seems to have fallen to Leo and Greg, while the team of merry roofers have been hammering thousands of copper clouts through thousands of slates onto the carefully aligned ‘lats’.

A quick flick through the pictures shows the Byre (our home) peeping out round the corner, the polytunnel in all its glory, the vegetable beds including the carrots with their very classy voile curtaining, the overgrown courtyard with popular trampoline and views across the valley .




One thought on “View from the scaffolding

  1. Stunning views. So wish I were there to help. Great to be getting on with the roof. Working inside will be so much easier !! All power to your collective elbow !

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