Beasts, Pumpkins and Apples

By Hannah

One of the best things about the farm for me is the closeness to nature. There is such a big difference from living in London, where you have to make a conscious decision to find some green space. On the farm, we are surrounded by beautiful country side and wildlife. It’s a way of life, rather than something you look for and do.

It’s an amazing opportunity for the kids to really start to understand eco systems and how everything is part of a cycle.

Taking advantage of the last of the late summer sun, the kids had a brilliant time getting dirty and searching for creepy crawlies. Lydia enjoyed it so much, she drew a picture of her findings!

By Polly

As the Autumn gets into full swing we have had a great weekend picking and carving our pumpkins, as well as harvesting our first crop of apples. We had a tasting session to see which variety we enjoyed most.


One thought on “Beasts, Pumpkins and Apples

  1. Very envious of your apple crop ! And the pumpkin carving was stupendous!
    Hope you enjoyed a few pumpkin recipes afterwards.
    The children (and grown ups) all have so much to look forward to at BHF.

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