Old and New Roof

Having removed some 50+ tonnes of stone from the roof, it was time to assess the 200 year old timber structure. Comprising 10 trusses (each numerically marked for their exact positioning) and 2 dragon tie joints at the hipped roof, the structure is beautifully crafted, but in need of some TLC.


The timber structure had decayed in places with woodworm attack. We therefore needed to spray the entire structure with preservative, which was no mean feat!


Although largely in good condition the roof required some repairs to trusses, purlins and rafters. Most repairs will be covered with insulation and plasterboard, but some of the ties within the trusses will be seen. We have deliberately left the new timber elements to act as a contrast to the old and show the ongoing evolution of the building.


In order to try and reduce the waves in the roof, the builders had to pack virtually every slate lath. The roof slates are reclaimed welsh slate which gives a nice contrast to the stone walls.


The creation of two apex rooflights proved a challenge, as they came as a kit of parts. However, this enabled our builders to customise the details to suit our project.


The reclaimed clay ridge tiles finish the roof, and they have just about gone on before the deluge of rain that we had last week. In general, we have been incredibly lucky with the weather and have had little rain or wind to contend with while the roof structure sat naked!


With this crucial job now complete, we can concentrate on working inside the building over the winter period! Now for the insulation!





One thought on “Old and New Roof

  1. Brilliant !! So pleased that you’ve managed to find enough reclaimed Welsh slate, and that the weather has allowed you to progress so far without too much of the present wind and rain.

    And “well done” to the roofers (aka Rufus) who’ve had to try and straighten it all out ! No mean feat.

    No quite draught-proof yet, but I expect to hear the merry sound of partying in the communal area.

    Best wishes to all builders


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