From ridge to eaves

Following the completion of the new (reclaimed) roof covering it was time to move back inside the building as the winter weather set in. Having a water tight roof meant we could start insulating and and creating the internal roof finish.


In order to make the building thermally efficient, we are incorporating 150mm of high performance insulation into the roof. Due to the existing construction this needed to be built up in 3 x 50mm layers, one between the rafters, the second as full sheets below the rafters and the third, incorporated into a new layer of studwork. The overlapping layers help ensure a good level of airtightness, which is a particular challenge in a building where each structural element is a different shape. This was a substantial task that our builders seemed to complete in a short time!


Then it was the turn of the plasters to enter the fray and board out the roof, before applying the skim finish. It’s always a really exciting moment in the build, when you have some crisply plastered areas and it made the whole project seem substantially closer to completion (relatively speaking!).


There was just time after this to apply a coat of paint to the roof. This seemed like a really odd thing to do, considering that the rest of the building was untouched! However, it made sense to do this while the internal scaffolding (or the ‘dance floor’, as Joe calls it) was still there.


In order to keep maintain some way of accessing the roof space internally once the scaffolding was struck, we used some spare planks to fix between the trusses and strung a safety line between them. Whilst this was a practical move, it also created a safe high-level walkway that Greg could not help but investigate (when there was no work going on underneath) with the kids. Wearing climbing harnesses and helmets, the older children were able to walk between the trusses some 7m off the ground; a kind of architectural via ferrata!


With the internal scaffolding removed, the full glory of the internal space was revealed! You could really see and feel the difference that the roof lights made. The top-lit space picked out the existing walls and some of the stones that projected out from the wall.


With the roof now complete, it was back to terra firma for ground works!


One thought on “From ridge to eaves

  1. Brilliant!! Looks really great. Good job done. Dry head and feet ! Makes the rest seem easy to look forward to.
    Alles Gute !

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