Guest Blog: Charlotte Staton, HAS

HAS (Humanitarian Architecture Society) is a student-led society from the University of Sheffield. We arranged for a group of 12 students to visit Open House on 12th January this year, eager to learn more about the concept of co-housing and the challenges involved in working with listed buildings. It was a crisp, foggy morning and Leo kindly showed us round and gave us a fantastic tour. Following an explanation of how the project began and the history of the site, we got our hard hats on and followed Leo through the scheme.

HAS visit 1

We started the tour at the first completed home on the site which is already occupied by Leo’s parents. We then proceeded into the communal gardens and learnt how this will be used to provide some fresh veg for the families. HAS was particularly interested in seeing what sustainable technologies have been implemented so it was great to see the ground source heat pump which has recently been installed!

We then explored some of the other listed buildings, including the quirky pigeon loft, and ended the tour at the second building to undergo renovation. The interior is looking fabulous and the choice of materials has created a unique yet modest aesthetic. Since the majority of buildings are yet to begin renovation it was a good time to compare them and see how far they’ve come. We’re really excited to hear how they get on and hopefully we’ll get the chance to see it once it’s all complete!


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