An award for our hard work?

Since the completion of the Long Barn in April, we have been personalising the space and making it feel like home! We have also really enjoyed seeing the building in different weather conditions and during the changing light throughout the summer. We feel like we have created something special and wanted to celebrate it!

The Long Barn 10 - an ongoing project (1)

When colleagues from the architecture practice visited, they were really taken with the building and suggested that we submit if for the Sheffield Design Awards! Brad, Jen, Howard and Claire (CE+CA) were able to take some great photos and we forged the application with their help!

The Sheffield Design Awards are organised by the Sheffield Society of Architects and Sheffield Civic Trust, and run every 2 years, to champion design and innovative architecture in our area. So the timing was right to have a go.

After a few weeks, we received news that our hard work had paid off, as we were one of 16 projects shortlisted from the initial entries. There are a number of different award categories that the Long Barn could be considered for, including housing, environment and conservation award.

After being shortlisted, the next step was to welcome the judging panel and give them a guided tour of the site and the Long Barn itself. Unlike many of the other projects entered for the awards, The Open House Project is ongoing, and with plenty of work left to do. We tried to explain and capture the environmental and social aspirations of the project as a whole, as well as describe the design approach to the Long Barn. We also tried to get across how the building is very much a functioning home for our family. We are not sure that there will ever be so many people stood in our bathroom again!


We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Sheffield Design Awards 2018! We will find out if the The Long Barn has been successful at the SDA awards evening on 25th October.

We hope that we will also be able to put forward the next buildings for awards in the future! Fingers crossed!!



2 thoughts on “An award for our hard work?

  1. Well done to Kate, Rory and the children for making a house a home ! What a great place you have created! Here’s wishing you all the best for the 25th.

    1. To ALL at BHF:
      Fantastic ! Well done ! RIchly deserved REward !

      As ever I am in awe of the enthusiasm and energy, vision and passion which you develop as a team. And I do have the scars and bad back to speak from experience !

      The Award at this stage in the project should serve as a great filip for all of you, proof positive for any Doubting Thomas that the direction of travel is a good one and a great way to garner further support for the whole vision to be realised.

      I hope there has been/will be some heartfelt celebrations at BHF. I look forward to joining in when it see you all soon.

      Best wishes from this lonely outpost of renovation on Guernsey !

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