Cider-man (returns?)

Our second year of cider making took on a more professional micro-brewery feel with the purchase of a Scratter (or fruit crusher). This helps to break the apples up so that they are easier to press! And it certainly worked.

We also learned that using wind fall apples is fine, but that you get a lot more juice from apples that are freshly picked. We used a combination of cooking and eating apples, along with the first crop of ‘all doers’. The only problem was that someone also liked the apple trug.

The press went ahead, with lots of cutting, turning, crushing and grating.

Two batches of apples yielded around 20 litres of juice. The fermentation process takes about a week, and then it is time for bottling. Alex had already put in two great shifts with the apple processing and he continued with naming the brew, and creating a set of individually hand drawn labels. He was particularly pleased with his Avengers-inspired Cider-man name and logo (a super hero with bottles for arms and legs).

So, Cider-man cider was born! Let’s hope its got the power of Spider-man rather than the Hulk!

P.S. – Early sampling suggests that this could be a vintage batch!

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