The buildings at Barnes Hall Farm are of historical significance, with four listed structures including the Cart Shed and Dove Cote. The farm has evolved over 400 years, from a series of timber frame structures to its heyday as a state-of-the-art farm in the 1800’s. The buildings currently exist as a fine set of stone-faced  structures in need of repair and renovation.

Barns Hall Farm aerial 2

The proposed design aims to convert the farm buildings into a series of dwellings that are architecturally inspiring, energy efficient whilst revealing the layers of historical development in the buildings.


site montage 1

5 of the buildings are set around a courtyard, which lends itself to a co-housing set-up. The other two structures are outlying, but still connected by a field that will be the growing area for the project.

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courtyard section 1

courtyard section 2

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