Mission statement

Mission Statement

We are a group of people working within a historical site to establish individual homes and shared spaces for people sympathetic to our ideals of mutual support and respect – for each other, our buildings, and the environment.

Aims and Objectives

  1. to provide a range of homes, for families or individuals, that are suitable and comfortable for people at any stage in their life.
  1. to facilitate mutual support and co-operation through shared activities, consensual decision making, and thoughtful design.
  1. to be sensitive to our environmental impact, putting our emphasis on sustainability and self sufficiency.
  1. to develop useful and rewarding links with the wider community.

Expansion of these:-

  • careful development of significant range of buildings
  • homes for purchase or possibly rent
  • disabled access wherever possible, single floor living in some units
  • safe environment for children
  • regular meetings for discussion, decision making, and sharing ideas.
  • regular communal meals and participation in activities beneficial to the project e.g. building/site maintenance, caring for communal areas, gardening, managing livestock
  • provision of communal space and communal facilities. e.g. laundry, drying room, food store, outside toilet and wash facility, large meeting/music/dance/feast space, guest accommodation, storage, power plant, gardens for recreation and food production
  • appreciation of the contributions made by each individual, from the very old to the very young, to the well-being of the group and in turn caring for each member in their times of need
  • respectful sharing of equipment, tools, machinery, resources
  • working towards Low-Impact Sustainable Settlement status in areas such as energy production and use, waste disposal, use of vehicles
  • working with the buildings in our custodianship to ensure their preservation and emphasise their contribution to our project
  • hosting occasions to which friends/locals invited
  • supporting flexible working/working from home by design provision of helpful spaces