Renewable Heat Incentive Accreditation

After a complicated and long-running application process we have now officially registered for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This is a government subsidy to support the use of renewable forms of energy in heating buildings and homes. The RHI scheme is now closed to new applicants, but we were able to enter the scheme as we have 4 buildings (3 homes and 1 communal space) making use of our open loop ground source heating system.

The RHI will pay back a fixed tariff for each unit of heat energy that is produced and used by our system for the next 20 years! This helps to off-set the costs of setting-up and running our heating system.

Soleco heat pumps in the OHP plantroom

As electricity and gas prices are increasing and the winter weather is arriving, it is reassuring to know that our sustainable heating system is reducing our communal carbon footprint.

The UK government has recently set out plans to support the installation of heat pumps in new build housing schemes as well as retrofitting to existing homes. We are proud of what we have achieved in being one of the early adopters of this technology for a housing project.

As the UK’s electricity supply decarbonises further in the future, the system will have an even smaller environmental impact.

One thought on “Renewable Heat Incentive Accreditation

  1. Well done to all of you for your tenacity in form-filling and overcoming what must doubtless have been significant bureaucracy. I can’t imagine it was an easy road. Very pleased for you all at BHF.

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